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Master Android App Development Course
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‍Master Android App Development Course

 You’re probably learning Android by yourself and aspire to become a confident Android Developer but you are not able to make impactful progress in this field…

Learn From Experience Developer

Every content added inside course is created by experienced developer only.

Understand Topic Following Step By Step Explanation

We do our quality checks to make sure every topic is explained step by step with an example

Enjoy New Content Regularly Added

We will keep adding new videos regularly and you will get access to it too.

Content Preview

📼 Watch few videos to become sure

Constraint Layout Part 1

Package in JAVA Part 1

Debugging in Android – Part 1

Note: The code used in above video is actually Ecommerce Store source code which you will get for free as a bonus.

Module & Topics

📼 13+ hours of high-quality video content


  1. Introducing Master Android App Development Course
  2. How To Get Most Out Of The Course
  3. Downloading Project/Bonus Apps Code
  4. Generating Certificate Of Completion
  5. New Content[Bookmark It]
  6. Upcoming And In Progress Content [Bookmark It]

Android Studio IDE Module

  1. Android Studio IDE Setup
  2. SDK Manager
  3. Open Existing Project In Android Studio
  4. Virtual/Emulator & Real Device Setup

Layout Module

  1. Linear Layout
  2. Relative Layout + Sign In UI
  3. Constraint Layout
  4. Frame Layout
  5. Table Layout
  6. Design Contact Us Layout

JAVA Module

  1. Eclipse IDE Setup For JAVA
  2. Data Types
  3. Methods & Return Type
  4. Access Modifier
  5. Class & Objects
  6. Package
  7. Variable & Its Types(Instance, Local & Static)
  8. Static Method And Block
  9. If Else & Nested If Else
  10. Switch
  11. For Loop & Nested For Loop
  12. Constructor
  13. Array
  14. Setter & Getter
  15. Inheritance
  16. Interface

Android Programming Module

  1. Basics Of Android Studio & Activity
  2. Activity Life Cycle
  3. Adapter
  4. ListView
  5. GridView
  6. ScrollView
  7. RecyclerView
  8. Fragment
  9. JSON Parsing
  10. Debugging
  11. Shared Preference
  12. Room Database

Google Playstore Module

  1. Publishing Android App On Playstore
  2. Changing Package Name
  3. Update Existing Android App On Playstore
  4. Increasing Target & Compile SDK Version
  5. Fixing App Release/Update Rejected By Playstore

Bonus Section

  1. Bonus #1: Ecommerce Store[Source Code & 8 Videos]
  2. Bonus #2: Ultimate WebView[Source Code & 7 Videos]
  3. Bonus #3: Food Ordering [Source Code & 8 Videos]
  4. Special Bonus: Get Your Reward For Sharing A Review
  5. Bonus #4: Certificate Of Completion

In Progress(Coming Soon)

  1. Retrofit(API Integration)
  2. Tips For Android Developer
  3. Sign Up Layout
7 Days Money Back Guarantee. No Question Asked | 2 Year Access


One of the most effective ways to learn Android App Development is through REAL Android App codes.
These bonuses will ensure you have the Apps code too so you can publish your own app on Google Playstore.

#1 Bonus: Ecommerce Store Android App Source Code + Web Admin Panel Code + Video Documentation + Menu Icons

Create online shopping Android App

Ecommerce Store App Demo

#2 Bonus: Ultimate WebView Source Code + Video Documentation + Menu Icons

Convert website into Android App

Ultimate WebView

#3 Bonus: Food Ordering Source Code + Video Documentation + Menu Icons

Create Restaurant Android App

Food Ordering Android App

BONUS #4: Certificate Of Completion & Project Codes

Add More Value To Your Resume

Certificate Of Completion By Abhi Android

You can generate and download certificate of completion of course. This certificate can be verified easily on our website for authenticity. You can add the certificate to your CV or your Resume or post it directly on Linkedin.

Download Project Codes On Abhi Android

When you sign up for Master Android App Development Course, you’ll get access to the codes too, so you can easily download and test it inside Android Studio.

Get signed up now, and we’ll send you access to all of it!

7 Days Money Back Guarantee. No Question Asked | 2 Year Access

Meet The Team Behind This Course


Abhishek Saini

Abhishek started Abhi Android with a mission to teach Android development step by step. He loves development, sharing his work and building business system. He is quality obsessive and make sure nothing gets live until it gives best value to user/customer.

Manoj Mourya

He initially worked for startups as lead Android Developer and now have clients. He is a UI/UX designer for mobiles as well. His own apps are live in the Playstore and even the apps from his clients which are listed in google play store as well. He recently worked on firebase machine learning as well.

Manoj Mourya
Nimita K

Nimita Kaleshkumar

She is working as JAVA developer where she collaborate with web developers and Mobile developers to integrate Java into business applications, software and websites. She has handful of experience with Core Java, advanced Level frameworks like Spring boot ,Spring MVC, hibernate, JPA, Webservices.

Kanagaraj - GK

He is working as a project lead developer of mobile development team for various Android projects. He collaborate with key executives, UI designers, and other developers to develop cutting-edge applications for the financial sector without jeopardizing privacy or security of the user.

Ravishankar Kumar

Ravishankar Kumar

He is a Software Developer, currently Working in Cognizant as a programme Trainee analyst. He did his B.tech from Lovely Professional University, Punjab with cgpa(7.81) and have handful experience with java.

NOTE: We will keep adding more experienced developer as instructor to the course and adding new content regularly🙂

‍100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not satisfied with Master Android App Development course within 7 days, just send us an email and we’ll give your full money back with no question asked.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee. No Question Asked | 2 Year Access

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ )

We have tried our best to answer all the frequently asked questions. If you still have more questions, please email to: support@abhiandroid.com ( Give us 12-24 hours to respond back) Our awesome support team will get back to you 🙂

What is Master Android App Development Course?

“Master Android App Development Course” is a video training platform that allows even a beginner to learn Android Development following step by step videos created directly by experienced developers.

Would there be any certificate of completion?

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion. You will need to complete at least basic and mid level videos to generate and download your certificate. Our authentic certificate can be verified online easily.

Why shouldn’t I just learn from Youtube or tutorial on your website?

Sure you can but that’s going to take a while, and can you really find a video training that details everything you need to know to build, deploy your App and gets regularly updated with new content?  Also, something to consider, you also get some really valuable bonus and that, my friend, would take you some time.

I made the payment but didn’t receive any email from you.

Please write to: support@abhiandroid.com and our awesome support team will get back to you in under 12-24 hours.

For how long I get access to the video training?

Though we offer access for 12 months, but for early students we will give extra 12 months. So, the program dashboard is available to you for a long 2 year. That means you will also get access to all upcoming content, code and bonus for 24 months.

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yep! If this step by step video training you didn’t like, we will refund your full money back with no question asked. We do put a limit on that of 7 days.

Do I have to install anything?

Yes, you will need to install Eclipse for learning JAVA development and Android Studio for learning Android development. Don’t worry, both this IDE are free and steps to install is shared inside video training.

I am just starting to learn Android, Is this for me?

It is specially for you only. We have created this whole video training keeping beginner in mind and doing our best to explain each topic step by step.

What does “Access To Upcoming Content” mean?

Android Development is never ending subject and their is always new Android version coming. So, we will keep adding new content, codes and bonus regularly. And “Access To Upcoming Content” means you are going to get access to it too.


  1. 2 Year Access to Step By Step Video Training Shared by Real Experienced Android Developer (Value $399)
  2. Easily Download Codes Shared In The Video Training (Value $99)
  3. Access To All Upcoming Content & Bonus For 2 Years [Expect 2-5 hours new content every month] (Value $399)
  4. Bonus #1: Ecommerce Store Android App Source Code (Cost $49)
  5. Bonus #2: Food Ordering Android App Source Code (Cost $49)
  6. Bonus #3: Ultimate WebView Android App Source Code (Cost $39)
  7. Bonus #4: Get Course Certificate Of Completion (Add Value to resume/portfolio)

Total Value: $1000+

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"This course provided me good knowledge in proper way of explaining things - Rohit"
"It is really worth it - Akshay"

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