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City Guide Android App Features:

Material-DesignMaterial Design

Material Design is used to build the City Guide Android App. The App comes with unlimited color theme possibilities.

Android-StudioAndroid Studio IDE

The complete City Guide Android App source code is built in Android Studio IDE.

Web AdminWeb Admin

With powerful admin panel you can Add, Delete, View features. You can also Edit city Details, Categories, Settings, Passwords and much more.


City Guide App accesses the user’s current location and displays the distance from current location to destination(in km).

Distance-calculator-cityDistance Calculator

If the user provides access to his location, then the App shows distance in km from his position to the destination place.


The App uses Google Map Api to show the address of place in detail page.

Offline-modeOffline Mode

In City Guide App App we have added offline mode support saving data locally and picking image from cache. So if user is not connected to internet then also App will show all details.

welcome-sliderWelcome Slider

City Guide App shows welcome slider for the first time. It beautifully ask for location access.

Images-slider-cityImages Slider

City Guide App have images slider to show all images added in Place detail page. The user can slide left side to see more images.

AdMob-GoogleAdmob (Banner & Interstitial)

To earn money from App it is your choice whether you want to show only banner, interstitial, both together or none.

Firebase AnalyticsFirebase Analytics Integration

With advance Firebase analytics integration get a deeper insights of your App users.

Notifications-iconPush Notification

Re-engage with your App users by sending place as push notification from admin panel itself for free.


API’s is used for fetching data from backend server. In this City Guide App we have created 3 API’s for city category, all city details and sending push notification.


In City Guide App we have used Retrofit Network library to make the HTTP calls. It is better then volley and default HttpUrlConnection in terms of ease of use, performance, extensibility and other things.

Tablayout-viewpager-cityTabLayout & ViewPager

TabLayout is used for creating two Tabs (i.e. All Places & Categories) and ViewPager is used for smooth sliding among both Tabs.


This App has SwipeRefreshLayout aka pull to refresh which reload the data from server.

Navigation-cityCustomize Navigation Menu

You can customize NavigationDrawer menu to have those items in the menu that you want to show in the App.

Unlimited-color-theme-cityUnlimited Color Theme Possibility

This App comes with unlimited color theme possibility. So, you can easily create the one that you like.


This App support ShareDialog which user can use to quickly share your Play Store App url with Friends on WhatsApp, email, message etc .

Offline HandlingOffline Handling & Error Handling

This App has custom beautiful design page for offline handling to let user know internet connection not available. It also support error handling.


App user can add or remove place to his/her personal favorite list.

Documentation-customizationDocumentation & Customization

The documentation is step by step and neatly written with screenshots and images. So, you can easily understand the source code and customize it.


This App shows categories option which user can use to filter place easily based on their interest.

Ripple Effect NewsRipple Effect

The App shows ripple effect on click of button etc.

local-html-pagesLocal HTML Pages

You can add more content in your App by putting it inside HTML file in assets folder and then showing it in the App according to your requirement. This pages work offline.

Cofimation-toast-cityConfirmation Toast

When user try to exit the App, the confirmation toast will be displayed on screen asking user to click once again to exit.

searchview androidCustomized SearchView

In City Guide App we have created custom searchview for instant filtering of place & categories.

Splash-screen-citySplash Screen

Show a beautiful splash screen to user when they start your City Guide Android App.

rateusRate My App Prompt

Rate us on PlayStore prompt will come up in front of user after they have clicked certain number of times in App.

Android-OSAndroid Version

This App supports from Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and newer.

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