Food Ordering - Restaurant Android App Source Code

Instantly create Food Ordering App withweb admin panel

Royal Food Ordering Demo Link

Royal Admin Panel Details:
Password: admin123

Royal Android App(Download From Google Playstore):
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Royal Android App – Dollar Version(Download From Google Playstore):
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Standard Food Ordering Demo Link

Standard Admin Panel Details:
Password: admin

Standard App(Download From Playstore):

Play Store Image

Standard Indian App Demo(Download From Playstore):

Play Store Image

Note: To avoid spam on Playstore App, the above admin panel is not connected to Google Playstore live App. If you have any doubt/query, please email to

Food Ordering - Restaurant Android App Details:

Royal Version Food App Screenshots:

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Standard Version Food App Screenshots:

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Watch Video Preview:

Royal Version App Preview

Standard Version App Preview

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Food Ordering App Key Features:

User Friendly Food Ordering App User InterfaceUser Friendly Design:

Both our Royal and Standard versions offer a user friendly experience to users. Even though the Royal version takes it to the next level in providing super user friendly experience to users.

Android-StudioAndroid Studio IDE

Both the Royal and Standard version of Food Ordering App source code is built in Android Studio IDE.

Web AdminWeb Admin Panel & Database:

The Royal version of the web-admin panel is built using Laravel and MySQL database. While the standard version is built using core PHP and MySQL database.

security in food ordering appUser Security:

Our Royal version is highly secure as it is built using most safe and secure PHP framework i.e. Laravel. It offer token based security to App users.

Phone Number And Email Registration Login Food Ordering Android AppPhone Number/Email Registration & Login:

Our Royal version comes with phone number registration and login while the standard version comes with Email option.

Sell Variant At Different In Food Ordering AppSell Variant At Different Price:

You can sell Food item variants at different prices in our both versions of the Food Ordering App. Though this feature is more advanced and more user friendly in the Royal Version.

Addons In Food Ordering Android AppAddons:

The addons feature will give you the option to show more options to add in cart when a customer is adding an item to cart. In the Royal version this feature can actually be used to even offer customized food items as per your requirement.

Easy-quantity-change-food-orderingAdding Item To Cart:

In standard version customer can add item to cart only after login while in Royal version the customer can add item to cart even without Login.

Pincode & Distance Based Check In Food Ordering AppPincode & Distance Based Delivery Checks:

In Standard version you can limit the orders to receive based on Pincode while in Royal version you can limit the orders to receive based on pincode and distance based too.

Deliver now, later and take away in Food Ordering AppDeliver Now, Delivery Later And Take Away:

In the Royal Version customers can choose from any of the options Delivery Now, Delivery Later And Take Away while making the order. Also all these 3 options can be controlled by the admin panel.

User Friendly Food Ordering App User InterfaceApp Home Page:

App homepage in standard version shows recommended Food items and categories. In the Royal version you can display banners, highlight messages, categories and unlimited home layouts. Home layouts are completely flexible.

Category And Detail Page In Food Ordering Android AppCategories & Detail Page:

Food items by category helps customer to easily find what he wants to order. The detail page in Royal version shows more details and similar items too in detail page.

Support In Food Ordering App Source CodeSupport:

Different support options like FAQ page, email, call and WhatsApp is added in Navigation. This will give user more options to interact with owner and order food with trust.

Advance Push Notification:

Food-Ordering-push-notification-featureIn Both version of Food Ordering Android App you can send push notification for free from web admin panel. You also have the option to send user to App Home along with particular food item.

Custom-cart-badge-countCart With Count Badge:

In Food Ordering App we have created custom cart which gets updated with badge count in real time.

Cart Page In Food Ordering Android AppCart Page:

In both version of Food Ordering App we have created a beautiful cart page where user will get information of all food items along with price, tax and quantity. The cart page has more features in Royal version.

Wallet Or Credit Feature In Food Ordering AppCredit/Wallet:

The credit/wallet feature is part of Royal version of the Food Ordering App. The admin can add money to customer account or customer can earn it by referring App to other user.

Wishlist Or Favorite Feature In Food Ordering Android AppMy Wishlist:

Out both version Food Ordering App has a wishlist/favorite section where the user will see all food items he/she has added in his/her personal list.

Payment Gateway In Food Ordering Android AppPayment Integration:

In Food Ordering App we have integrated Stripe, PayPal and COD. For Indians, we have integrated payment by Netbanking, UPI, wallet and debit cards via Razorpay.

Order Confirmation In Food Ordering Android AppOrder Confirmation:

In both versions after the order is successfully made by the user, he will see a screen where he gets an order successful message.

My Order In Food Ordering Android App Source CodeMy Order:

In the both version of Food Ordering App the user can see all food items he ordered in the My Order section. Royal version has additional feature of 1 click reorder in My Order section.

Order Detail In Food Ordering Android App Source CodeOrder Details:

On click of View Order Details, the user can see complete details about the food item he ordered. He can also check the status of order delivery.

Navigation Drawer In Food Ordering Android App Source CodeNavigation Drawer Menu:

In the Navigation Drawer menu the user will see many options to get the most out of the Food Ordering App.

Pull To Refresh In Food Ordering Android App Source CodeSwipe Refresh Layout:

Both of our App has SwipeRefreshLayout aka pull to refresh which reload the data from the server.


API’s are used for fetching data from backend servers. In the standard version Food Ordering App we have created 22 API’s for different purposes. And in the Royal version we have created a whopping 83 API to create super advanced and secure App.


In both versions of the Food Ordering App we have used the Retrofit Network library to make the HTTP calls. It is better than volley and default HttpUrlConnection in terms of ease of use, performance, extensibility and other things.

Image-slider-food-orderingImages Slider & PinchZoom:

The image slider is used for showing different food items on the detail page. In Royal version we have even added a pinch zoom feature for the image, so that customers can see the zoom image.

Color-theme-food-orderingUnlimited Color Theme Possibility:

Both the App comes with unlimited color theme possibilities. So, you can easily create the one that you like.

Internet-not-available-food-orderingOffline Handling:

Both the App has custom beautiful design page for offline handling to let user know internet connection not available.

Google Map Address In Royal Food Ordering Android AppGoogle Map Based Address:

In the Royal version, we have added Google Map based address, so it will make easier for the admin to easily deliver the order to the customer address.


The documentation is step by step and neatly written with screenshots and images. We now also provide video training to help you will the complete setup.

Minimum-order-iconMinimum Order Amount:

You can set the minimum order amount in the web admin panel which the user has to order when ordering food in App.

Stock Management Food Ordering Android AppStock Availability:

In the both versions of Food Ordering App you can set available and not available status for food items. If the item is not available then it won’t show up in the App.

Dollar-ruppee-iconCurrency Supported:

In both the version of Food Ordering App you can choose from the dollar and Indian rupee currency. We have also integrated payment gateway for both currencies.If you have requirement for other country, please get in touch with our support by emailing us at

Coupon Code in Food Ordering Android AppCoupon Code:

In the Royal version you can add three types of coupon code. The customer can then apply this coupon code in the cart to get the discount you are offering.

Refer And Earn In Royal Food Ordering Android AppRefer & Earn:

In the Royal version you can offer some money in the customer wallet if they refer other users to your App. The customer will only earn these referral money if the referred make the first order.

Restaurant On Off Food Ordering Android AppRestaurant On/Off Status:

This feature in the Royal version allows you to stop accepting orders at any given point of time. This will help you not get orders when you are not delivering home orders due to rain or some other reason.

My Offer In Food Ordering Android AppOffer Zone:

In Royal version you can create offer zone to give exclusive discounts to your user for a limited time. This will surely boost your orders and generate more revenue.

Add To Cart In Food Ordering AppAdd to cart without Login:

In the Royal version the customer can add items to cart even without registration/login. This makes the App super friendly, gives higher registration and more orders to you.

Message Highlight in Food Ordering Android AppHighlight Message:

Educate your customer with the important message you want to share right on the homepage of the App. The message can be like, todays special, New user can apply coupon code NEW20 etc

Bulk Order in Food Ordering Android AppBulk Order:

Have loyal customers? Why not allow them to give you bulk orders for some special occasion. This feature is only available in Royal version only.

My Saved Address In Royal Food Ordering Android AppSingle & Multiple Address:

In standard version customers can save a single address in profile but in Royal version customer can save unlimited number of addresses & can even categorize them based on Home, Work or Other.

Banner in Food Ordering Android AppBanners:

In the Royal version you can add banners to make your category, offers, Food Item details stand out. You can add up to 5-10 slider banners & unlimited home layout banners.

Exceptional handlingHighly Stable App

Exceptional handling is part of Food Ordering App to make sure the App is highly stable and user friendly.

Splash Screen in Food Ordering Android AppSplash Screen

Show a beautiful splash screen to user when user start your Android App.

Skip-loginSkip Login

In Food Ordering App user can skip login easily. In Royal version he can even add Food items to cart without login. But in standard version, when he will try to add food item to his cart or favorite, then we will sweetly force him to Sign in or Sign up in App.

Rating And Reviews in Royal Food Ordering Android AppRating & Reviews:

In the Royal version customers can rate & review the Food item they ordered. This rating/reviews can be managed by admin in the admin panel.