Android App Development Tutorial: Beginners Guide With Examples, Code And Tutorials

To help beginners Android developer learn Android App development we created AbhiAndroid to provide step by step complete tutorial and guide. Our each tutorial cover each topic in depth with a real example in Android Studio and also offering complete code as an option to download for free. Here we will share all the important topics which beginner needs to learn to start creating their own Android App.

How To Create Android App: Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: JAVA For Android:

Android App can be developed in many languages (like JAVA, C, C++, Scala etc) but the most popular out of them is JAVA. Though it is not true but you can consider JAVA is the official language to create Android App since it’s most commonly used. So the first thing you need to learn before starting Android App development is to have good knowledge of JAVA and specially OOPs concept.

JAVA For Android Topics:

Step 2: XML And Android UI:

Once you are done with JAVA the next thing you need to learn is XML basic and Android UI (User Interface). Here you will learn about XML basic, layout, views, widgets and attributes used in designing Android UI.

You also need to learn Android Material Design, which is the latest visual language developed by Google for designing Android UI.

After learning all these topics you will be able to design a professional looking Android UI.

Design Android UI Topics:

Step 3: Android Programming:

This is the third step and here you will learn different concepts used in Android Programming. Here you will learn concepts about pre-defined Android class, methods, libraries etc. and how to use them for getting task done in Android App. So finally learning Android programming will give you a picture in mind how Android Apps are created.

Android Programming Topics:

PS: At AbhiAndroid the number of tutorial present is less compared to what needed to learn Android App development. But we are trying our best and adding more & more tutorials every week in different category section. So keep checking our site every week to learn new topics. Happy Learning!