Best Books For Android Development

Are you planning to become an android developer and facing issues to find the perfect book for Android Development? Here is an article that would help to find the best books and make you knowledgeable Android Developer if you read them.

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So, for the past few years, I was too struggling with Android topics and then with my rigorous hard work onto this aspect of development, I have come up with few Android books that ensure me in the journey of being an Android Developer, a smooth and steady one.

The problem with books is that Android keeps on updating every year and books are not able to match with that pace of updation so development courses are regarded as better options. But if you need to get into minute details of android development then the books suggested are the best as they would give you in-depth knowledge about the structuring and programming of android development which would help you crack any problem.

Key Topics to Look in Android Development Books:

Here are some of the key concepts you should keep in mind while purchasing books for android development which would attain as well as enhance your knowledge:

  1. Java or Kotlin you want to use for Android Development
  2. Activity Lifecycle
  3. Service, Intentservice and their Lifecycles
  4. Debugging your App
  5. Android views and layout
  6. Sqlite, Room or Other Local Database
  7. Threading
  8. Thread Pool Executor
  9. Looper, Handler and handler thread
  10. HTTP and REST
  11. Networking in Android Apps
  12. Android sensors
  13. Android Build System

Best Books For Android Development:

First and most importantly if you are jumping into the field of Android development you should have good knowledge about Java or Kotlin language. It stands as the core or base for Android development. If you are not well versed with it and still want to try your hands on Android Development you should first reach out to a book explaining you Java in full detail.

#1 Java – The Complete Reference:

The book is a comprehensive guide to the Java language, describing its syntax, keywords and fundamental programming principles. Significant portions of the Java API library are also illustrated. This book is for all programmers, whether you are a novice or an experienced person with complete discussions. You can also have a look at Core Java: An Integrated Approach for more insights.

Java The Complete Reference

Click here to know more about JAVA – The Complete Reference

#2 Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Kotlin is a typed programming language designed to assimilate with Java and fully supported by Google on the Android operating system. This book shows you how to work effectively with the Kotlin programming language through examples and clear explanations of key Kotlin concepts and foundational APIs. This book will introduce you to JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA development environment. If you are an experienced developer or an aspiring one this book will show you to work effectively with Kotlin, guiding you from first principles to advanced usage.

Kotlin Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Click here to learn more or buy Kotlin Programming Book

#3 Head First Android Development:

This is a good book for beginners as it would help you construct and design your app flexibly with run services in the background. It will help you to set up your own IDE. It has a unique way of explaining the concepts through visually rich format engaging your mind as well as giving real-life examples that would give a better understanding of the technical aspects explained. Before getting onto this book you should have good knowledge about Java.

Head First Android Development

Click here to know more about Head First Android Development

#4 The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development:

This book helps you to build an app from the beginning. It is a step by step guide ranging from topics like what we are building, installing the tools to Testing a UI, Contacting a web service, etc. This book would give you an in-detail study of structuring as well as the functioning of your app.

The book helps you set up your developmental tools, constructing a user interface, loading data from a local database or the Internet, handling the differences between phones and tablets and much more. Alongside the core chapters, there is a set of 17 tutorials offering you ‘learn-by-reading’ as well as ‘learn by doing’ to help you achieve your desired goals.

The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development

Click here to know more about The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development

#5 Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

This book is for beginners but at an intermediate level. It focuses more on technological advances and programming. It also focuses on practical techniques for developing apps compatible with Android. It helps you understand Android Studio and use it to create apps that integrate with other apps, download and display pictures from the web, play sounds and more. The wording and terminology used are quite understandable for a java student or a developer.

Android Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Click here to know more about Android Programming

#6 Android Cookbook:

The book Android cookbook is your guide to the problems and solutions pertaining to android development. With this book, you will find solutions for working with the user interfaces, multitouch gestures, location awareness, web series and device features, such as the phone camera and the accelerometer.

You also get useful information on packaging your app in the android market. Apart from solving the problems it also guides you in designing a successful Android app, working with UI controls, effective layouts and graphical elements, accessing Restful web services RSS/ATOM feeds and information from websites, testing and troubleshooting individual components and your entire application.

Android Cookbook

Click here to know more about Android Cookbook

#7 Android Programming for Beginners:

It introduces the principles of introduction to Java via Android which means you will be able to build your own applications from scratch. With this book, you can master the fundamentals of coding Java for android, setup your android development environment, build functional user interfaces with the Android Studio visual designer.

You can also learn how to add data captures, sound and animation to your apps. You can manage your apps’ data using the built-in Android SQLite database. The book also introduces you to all the fundamental concepts of programming in an Android context, from the Java basics to working with the Android API.

All examples are created from within Android Studio, the official Android development environment that helps supercharge your application development process.

Android Programming for Beginners

Click here to know more about Android Programming for Beginners

#8 Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials:

This book by Neil Smyth covers almost everything you need to know for Android Development ranging from a development environment to architecture and design, printing and database management to multimedia aspects and more, all in detail for a strong knowledge base.

The book is helpful to those who already have some experience in programming Java and also provides you with plenty of code illustrations and descriptions. The focal point of the book is the configuration and use of Android Studio including setting up of virtual test devices, things like map implementation and submitting apps to the Play Store that are often poorly covered in other books. Overall speaking it is a one-stop-shop for budding android developers.

Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials

Click here to know more about Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials

#9 Practical Android:

The author of the book is himself an Android instructor. Each chapter of his book revolves around a particular concept ranging from connectivity to push notifications and does a deep dive into the best way to implement it in your own apps.

It has one full project to each chapter which makes it easy to follow along with even complex topics such as lazy loading or dealing with Android’s audio APIs, and use whichever parts of the sample code are appropriate. The author explains why as well as how and also provides external links for better understanding.

Practical Android

Click here to know more about Practical Android

#10 Android Programming – Pushing the Limits

This book by Hellman is for developers who have at least some experience in android development and are familiar with its core concepts. The book is divided into three parts – Tools for android developers, android components, and advanced tools and technologies respectively.

From custom views and assimilating web services as well as utilizing the latest geo-fencing, activity recognition features and advanced multi-touch gestures, Erik gives tips, tricks, and expert techniques so you can modify your components for the best user experience possible and design your own custom views.

Android Programming Pushing the Limits

Click here to know more about Android Programming – Pushing the Limits

#11 Kotlin Programming By Example:

Through Kotlin’s powerful intuitive tools and utilities as well as Google support to Kotlin for being its first-class language for writing android apps, this book helps you to create your app from scratch through building blocks of Kotlin such as functions and classes.

By the end of this book, you would have gained experience in creating and deploying Android applications through Kotlin, building blocks of Kotlin, powerful RESTful microservices, MVC architecture pattern, etc.

Kotlin Programming By Example

Click here to know more about Kotlin Programming By Example

Do try your hands on these books for better knowledge on Android Development. I hope my piece of knowledge has turned out to be helpful to you guys in becoming an ace Android Developer. Let me know your views in the comment section below and do share this article if you like it.

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