Different Application Launcher Icon Sizes In Android Studio

Launcher Icon represents your application & appear on the Home Screen. In android as per supporting screen we provide multiple density icons. So one should prefer to create separate icons for all generalized screens densities varying from low to extra-high.

Application Launcher Icon Sizes are:


Density  Sizes(px) Preview
ldpi (120 dpi)
(Low density screen)
36 X 36  icon-size-ldpi-in-android-studio
mdpi (160 dpi)
(Medium density screen)
48 X 48  icon-size-mdpi-in-android-studio
mdpi (240dpi)
(High density screen)
72 X 72  icon-size-hdpi-in-android-studio
xdpi (320dpi)
(Extra High density screen)
 96 X 96  icon-size-xhdpi-in-android-studio
xxdpi (480dpi)
(Extra Extra High density screen)
 144 X 144 icon-size-xxhdpi-in-android-studio

The above defined sizes are according to screen density. There are different folders in android studio to add-on different density images separately

  • /mipmap-ldpi
  • /mipmap-mdpi
  • /mipmap-hdpi
  • /mipmap-xhdpi
  • /mipmap-xxhdpi


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