How To Change Icon Of Your Android App In Android Studio

In android studio there is a default icon set by android studio itself. You can change it as per the application requirement.

Changing the Application Icon In Android Studio:

Step 1- Open your application in Android Studio.
Step 2- Further follow the path to reach the desired folder to add icon (app -> res-> mipmap).
Step 3- Here add you app icon. You can just simply copy and paste the image in mipmap folder.
Step 4- After placing the image in the mipmap folder. You need to rename the default icon name to your icon image name.
Step 5- Go to (app -> manifests) open AndroidManifest.xml file. Here find the following code.
Here ic_launcher is the default image name, rename it.


Important Note: You can make any image as your app icon just define a correct path of the image in AndroidManifest.xml file.

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One thought on “How To Change Icon Of Your Android App In Android Studio”

  1. I tried this and also many other things I found on the NET !!!!
    but , ALL THIS IS NOT WORKING !!!!!

    So , by trial and error I came to the following conclusions :
    – The ICON is not picked up from the .png files in the @mipmap directories !!!!!!!
    – The ICON is created from the .XML files in the @mipmap-anydpi so it uses : foreground.png
    – SO : – changing the .XML file ( ie. delete background line ) has some effect !!!!!!!!
    – Making a drawing in the center of : foreground.png also works !!!!!!
    – If I remove the @mipmap-anydpi directory , the tool makes a SMALL copy of my icon !!!!!!

    HOW can I make the tool to pick up my .png icons ???????