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How To Download Project Code From AbhiAndroid

Download is a term used the download the information and code on the AbhiAndroid page used for explaining the topic. You can download any code from our site using the below steps:

How To Download Project Code from AbhiAndroid:

Download Project Code from abhiandroid perform the following steps:

Step 1: Firstly, Click the link Download Code which seen on your Computer Screen.

Click the Download Code from abhiandroid
Step 2: After that you Enter the Password: abhiandroid in the Text box and then press Enter.

After that Enter the Password in the Text box
Step 3: After that Click the Download button and code is ready to download in zip.

After that Click the Download
Step 4: After that you have chosen to open with Windows Explorer (default). Save the file and then Click OK.

After that Open With Windows Explorer and Save file
Step 5: After that find the location where your file have been located and then Unzip the Code by extracting and your file will be saved in Android Studio.

Unzip the Code by Extract Here
Step 6: After that Open Android Studio and then Click on “Open an existing Android Studio project”.

Open an existing Android Studio project in android studio
Step 7: After that Select the File location where your file is located. We located and then Selected “ScrollViewExample” project, then Select build.gradle and then Click OK.

Select the location where your File is located
Step 8: Android Studio is Showing this message because your SDK Version installed varies from our. You just ignore this message and Click OK.

Click OK
Step 9: After that Click on Projects>>app >> Click Java then Click package then open JAVA file. Here your Java file for Coding Android Programming will be opened.

After that Click res >> Click layout then choose XML file for UI. Here your Xml file for designing Android UI will be opened.

Open Java file for Programming and Xml file for Designing
Step 9: Now your project is open and you can run it in Emulator to see the output. Happy Coding!

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