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How To Create Anim Folder & Animation File In Android Studio [Step by Step]

To apply Animations to our Application sometimes we need to make an anim folder in Android Studio to store animation file under the resource folder of our application. Basically there are two options for resource types. You can set any of these two given below:

  • animator/ -XML files that define property animations.
  • anim/ – XML files that define tween animations

In this tutorial we will discuss how you can easily create anim folder/directory in Android Studio to store all your animations xml files in one place.

How To Create Anim Folder & Animation File In Android Studio [Step by Step]

Step 1: Right click the res folder.

Then Go to res>New>Android resource directory as shown below:

Android Resource Directory Animation

Step 2: Give the directory name as anim and change the resource type  to anim or animator according to your choice.

Anim folder animation android studio

Step 3: Now anim folder is created. Right click on the anim. Then go to anim > New> Animation resource file.

Animation Resource File Android Studio

Step 4: Give the file any name and click OK. In our case we named it as roundanimation.xml

Create animation file android studio

Step 5: Now our roundanimation.xml is created.

Animation file created android studio

It’s done. Now you can add your code in newly created animation file.

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