How To Add/Create Assets Folder In Android Studio For HTML Files

You might have noticed that unlike Eclipse ADT Android Studio doesn’t have Assets folder which we usually use to keep our web files like HTML. Assets folder is saved under main folder: main/assets:

Here we will share step by step how to create Assets raw folder in Android Studio.

How to add assets and raw folder in android Studio

Step 1: Open your android studio. Navigate to Android option.

android option android studio

Step 2: You will find app folder and Gradle Script. Right click on app folder goto New> Folder>Assets Folder.

Assets Folder in Android Studio

Step 3: Android Studio will open a dialog box. Keep all the settings default. Under target source set, option main should be selected. and click finish.

target source set main in Assets Folder

Step 4: Now open app folder. you will find your Assets folder by the name of “assets”.

Assets Folder Created in App Android Studio

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  1. Thank You, Just what I needed! I needed a filesystem that allows directorys, while expanding
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